Pipe Fabrication Pipe Fabrication Pipe Fabrication Pipe Fabrication Pipe Fabrication

Bending Capabilities

  • Bend pipe and tube up to 180 degrees
  • Special shapes, “U” bends, offsets, compound bends (serpentine)
  • Any length ¾ through 6”, single or double randoms 8” through 18”
  • Wall Thickness .049 through Sch. 160
  • Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Galvanized

What we need to know:

  • Size of the pipe or tubing (O.D. or I.P.S)
  • Wall Thickness
  • Type of metal
  • Seamless or Welded
  • Angle of bend in degrees
  • Radius of bend measured by centerline or specify (outer, center, inner)
  • Tangent length at either end

Cutting and Multi Cuts

  • We can cut up to 36”
  • If you have a need to have multi cuts we can cut thousands of pieces up to 12” on one of our two fully automatic band saw’s


  • We can tread carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized pipe up to 6”


  • We can groove up to 24” with our four groovers


  • We can bevel up to 36”

Machining Fittings and Valves

  • We have the capability of machining valves and flanges with our Lathe and Horizontal Milling Machine

Pipe Coating

  • We can Paint, Wrap and Galvanize to your specifications